Touring softball team


Being a 6 time champions earned Giants a spot at Champions league as well as invitation to friendly tournament. Therefore we made a T-shirt that represent Giants. They are riding a top of European softball, as well as having fun while playing.

Zagreb Giants softball logo


Zagreb Giants are the most successful fastpitch softball team in Croatia. They won 6 championships in a row, only to loose in 2009.The Giants didn’t want to take San Francisco identity so they asked LR51 to make original identity for the team. Front facing elephant represent up and coming Giants. The colors are brown and orange, and the helmets are custom painted in those colors.

Updated Argentine soccer logos


Argentine football is in dire need of better branding. Their logos are so outdated and it seams they made them only because they have to. At Locker Room 51 we took 5 of those logos and made them contemporary, more suitable for merchandising. In our opinion those would sell well.

sektor b logo – medvescak hockey fans


This logo has been made for the fan group of Medvescak Zagreb Hockey Club. Medvescak’s nickname is Bears, therefore Bear for a mascot, while they are named after a sector at the arena – Sektor B.  This bear is the leader of  the fans, giving a drum beat to songs sang at the matches. It’s not aggressive, but you should fear him.