EU Cup 2009 Samobor – australian football


EU Cup is a showcase event for European Australian Football. Samobor in Croatia was a host of the tournament in 2009 after London, Hamburg and Prague. The assignment for LR51 was to bring more people to watch the tournament, and to have more interaction between players from teams.  Hard assignment for a product (sport) that nobody in Croatia knows about. To promote event we created poster in line with current EA sports covers for soccer, baseball and other sports video games to attract younger population, and for the members of the team we organized a welcome drink event a night before the tournament and passed out the tournament program for free (usually there is a cost), which was full of information but without any photos. Photos, in form of tickets, were sold separately. They were aiming to bring back the memories of old Panini albums. So players bought packs of stickers, got some doubles and mingled around to swap stickers for the ones that were missing. That created such a buzz that carried on even next day during the tournament and even crowd picked it up and enjoyed swapping stickers.  LR51 also created tournament logo, T-shirts, team Europe jumpers (jersey), custom medals and keychains. The tournament went well, about 1000 people came during the day to see a game they never heard about.