2012 Euro Cup Edinburgh



Euro Cup is AFL Europe’s showcase event, 9 a side, 16 teams tournament competing at 4 different fields during one day. This is 3rd Euro Cup (hosted so far by Milano, Belfast and Edinburgh) after changing it’s name from EU Cup (London, Hamburgh, Prague and Zagreb). 

LR51 has been involved in doing branding for all tournaments except 1st one in London. We can say that we grew better as tournament grew bigger and better.

Apart for logo design, we did posters, flyers, medals, program, team Europe jumpers and T-shirt design. 

More photos will be added as soon as we get them from AFL Europe.

Medal production by www.pes.hr


South Sydney Rabbitohs proposed logo (Australian Rugby League)


LR51 prposed this logo to South Sydney. In the first photo you see current logo and our proposal done conservativly. Other 3 slides are what we would like to do, more modern and bold. The main change is in the rabbit:

Current rabbit is small, a toddler, vulnarable and will be easily chased away and scared by Broncos, Bulldogs, even Roosters, and will be eaten by Tigers and Panthers. New rabbit has the same face from the old one, same eye shape with meaner look, but is bigger, more muscular, leaps longer, so it’s faster . This rabbit will escape from the paws of the Tigers and Panthers, will frustrate Broncos with it’s speed and will become fiercy animal, just like Swans became in the AFL.

Then in the shape of the logo there is also a change:

The oval shaped logo will be kept, but only in traces. Less is more. Two red and green banners are indicating the oval shape. Banners are used to show traditional element and are honoring the proud history of the club. 

So if you were Russell Crowe would you approve the proposed logo?



JLT AFL Europe All Star Game uniforms and program


This is a first instance of JLT AFL Europe All Star Game. It was played at legendary Kia Oval in London as a curtain raiser of AFL Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs match. 

Insted of East vs West or Nothr vs South, this game was about Islands vs Continent, Island represented by Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and Iceland, and Continent represented by other footy nations in Europe.

We decided not to go with typical red, white and blue color for all star matches, and to invent colors that would be more fitting for “Australian” all stars. Islands team has a white jumper with light blue to navy blue stripes representing waves, while continent team has green jumpers with yellow to light green stripes making mountins.

Apart from jumpers, LR51 created logos for the teams and program spread. We hope AFL comes back next year to London to play another match, and that this All Star concept continues.


Uniformed manufactured by S-trend.

Photography (most of those): Copywright Andrew Tobin/SLIK images slikimages.com

LR51 (Aussie rules) uniforms in action



Here are some of our uniforms in action.

European Titans – team of European best players faced AFL AIS academy kids. The coaches that don the Titans jackets are Peter Schwab and Tadhg Kennely. Also Big Dipper is at one photo wearing Titans T-shirt.

European Crusaders (womens team made of girls all around the continent that faces Irish Banshees)

Austrian Avalance (black, silver and red)

Scottish Clansmen (all navy blue with some yellow and red)

Croatian Knights (checkers)


Nada Split – 2012 Croatian baseball champions T-shirt


This is a championship T-shirt done for a Croatian baseball team. Prvaci svita means Champions of the world. As MLB team is called World Champions and they only play teams from US and Canada, why wouldn’t a Croatian team be called a World Champions as well. 1 out of 10 times, we would beat SF Giants :)))

No, really, Split is a sports city, once pampered the biggest sports city in the world. The title is long gone, but Split is still a proud sports city. So World si crossed and big Croatian (Hrvatske) is written underneath. Nada Split is the name of the team. The anchore is simlified new logo of the team (comming soon the whole rebranding of the team), while the banner holds the years team won Croatian championship.