JLT AFL Europe All Star Game uniforms and program


This is a first instance of JLT AFL Europe All Star Game. It was played at legendary Kia Oval in London as a curtain raiser of AFL Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs match. 

Insted of East vs West or Nothr vs South, this game was about Islands vs Continent, Island represented by Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and Iceland, and Continent represented by other footy nations in Europe.

We decided not to go with typical red, white and blue color for all star matches, and to invent colors that would be more fitting for “Australian” all stars. Islands team has a white jumper with light blue to navy blue stripes representing waves, while continent team has green jumpers with yellow to light green stripes making mountins.

Apart from jumpers, LR51 created logos for the teams and program spread. We hope AFL comes back next year to London to play another match, and that this All Star concept continues.


Uniformed manufactured by S-trend.

Photography (most of those): Copywright Andrew Tobin/SLIK images slikimages.com

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