Carlton Blues update (unofficial)


Carlton Blues is one of the most successful AFL clubs (tied with Essendon with 16 premiership titles), but the Carlton’s logo doesn’t show class and doesn’t portray the premium club image. Without changing the essence of the logo LR51 tried to show the history of the club by bringing back the retro look and giving it a modern touch. This is just our idea of where should Carlton Blues start building their branding from. 

2 thoughts on “Carlton Blues update (unofficial)

  1. This is brilliant! I think your spot on with the old AFL clubs possibly having classy logos to show they are traditional and because they simply can look great! There are a few clubs which have for some reason not looked at this at all and reverted to simple classless franchise looking things 😦 This has bugged me as I see some of the other sports I follow have some great looking ones. One thing I would also love to see is a new AFL logo! what do you reckon? The current one is possibly the worst league logo in the world not fitting for a league with some of the oldest sporting clubs in world, I think a real sharp looking AFL logo would go along way in allowing people to respect the competition from the outset as the league as I think the league deserves. Perhaps you could come up with something? 🙂 I always thought it would be brilliant to incorporate the premiership cup and perhaps the premiership flag as well? maybe draped around the cup or something? while loosing the whole oval surrounding the ‘AFL’? What are your thoughts?? Brilliant work on the Carlton logo btw!

  2. Cheers mate. I would love to rebrand the AFL, but I wouldn’t take it your rout. WHat you described would be great logo for Grand Final, but I reckon AFL is more then a trophy, AFL is the greatest game around and it should be portrayed as such, not through the trophy, as trophy is not so recognized element. One day, I’ll try to do AFL branding, but that’s a process, needs much more research then it took to do Carlton.

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