Cibona basketball 2011/2012


Cibona is most succesfull basketball team in Croatia, but this year they are not defending the title, they have no stars and they are in rebuilding mode, so all thay have to show this year are torso and their hearts. LR51 decided to go retro this year, to bring back the memories of Cibonas winning European Championship in 1985 and 1986. SInce we can’t use any of the images from that time (copywrite issues), we just opted for retro feel. Here is the sample of material we did for the club. 

The billboard reads – We showed you our torsos, we’ll show our hearts as well!

HNK Gorica merchandise


After last year’s new logo done for Croatian 2nd division football (soccer) team, this year team decided to make some T-shirts for its fans. THe brief was, make it simple, so I used the sash that team uses at it’s uniforms, and placed it on T-shirt. Also the slogan was “my city, my club” so one T-shirt has a map of the part of the city where stadium is. 

Dutch footy logo and jumper


Summer was busy at LR51. We created many logos and jumpers for annual Euro Cup that was held in October in Belfast. The last one we present you is Dutch (Netherlands) Australian Football Association. The Flying Dutchment wanted a logo that is in line with other sports federation, a royal lion. This lion is simple yet done in heraldic style. The banner below is similar to the banner found in Dutch coat of arms, and 2007 is the year DAFA was founded. The lion has a footy and is ready to kick a goal. Footy is the only element of the sport. At the jumper lion is without footy, as at the jumper one already knows what sport is being played. 

The jumper has been produced by Sekem and designed by LR51. The chevron is typical footy jumper element and points out the lion, the new symbol of DAFA.One side of chevron contains a Dutch flag. The old DAFA logo is also featured, as they would like those two logos to be featured together. 

Here’s the announcement from thier website: