Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team

As a Brand Director for the team I was responsible for creating everything from logo and jersey to vehicles and merchandise.

The logo is a combination of metaphors that represents Bahrain, and the spirit of cycling. Circular motion of the wheel is a symbol of invention and progress.

The concentric circles in red represent the dynamic motion towards victory. Furthermore, the national flag with forward-moving arrows blend seamlessly in a form of water ripples, which is symbolic of Bahrain making waves on the world stage.

And at the epicenter of it all, is the culture of Bahrain, showcased by it’s architecture. The heart of the ripple is the golden Arabic pattern that is recognized across the world for it’s rich heritage. The symbol works as a reminder of the culture and values that the nation and the team stand for.

All this complemented by a bold typeface rendered in a combination of ‘Bahraini Flag Red’ and ‘Sea Blue’ – two colours that truly represent the island between two seas.



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