Support T-shirts for Hajduk’s fight against HNS

It’s hard to explain what is happening now in city of Split, but all athletes (and public) rallied around Hajduk Split in support of the fight against all irregularities in Croatian football and in Croatian Sport in general. More about that topic:
But speaking about the design. This job had 24 hour deadline and T-shirts were used the following weekend by all Split’s teams playing their league matches (handball, volleyball, football, indoor football, waterpolo…) The idea was to create a T-shirt that would look like someone took a marker and wrote on it. All revolutions start like that, with bucket of paint and a canvas. This revolution was visible in the Split Center on Saturday where 40,000 people came out with home made banners protesting against Croatian sports irregularities. So the fitting was that T-shirts were in the same style.

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